About Us



Sino-American Global Entertainment – S.A.G.E. – is the first cross-cultural performing arts management company of its kind.  A joint venture between industry leaders IMG Artists and China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), S.A.G.E. is a revolutionary initiative dedicated to opening new channels and developing fruitful relationships between Chinese artists and cultural organisations and their Western counterparts.

S.A.G.E. Clients benefit from

    • Unparalleled international expertise and global reach
      •     Specialists with decades of successful international artist management, touring, festivals and event production and marketing experience
      • Twelve office across three continents
        • Asia: Beijing, Singapore
        • North America: New York, Los Angeles
        • Europe: London, Paris, Hannover, Berlin, Rome, Lucca, Madrid, Sweden
    • S.A.G.E. team members’ proven track record in developing and managing the careers and touring opportunities of Asian artists throughout the world
    • A cultivated network of relevant cultural, governmental and corporate contacts in developed and emerging markets

About IMG Artists

IMG Artists is the global leader of performing arts management.  For thirty years, the company has set the standard for excellence across the artist management, touring, events, festivals and cultural consulting fields.  IMGA’s 150 dedicated specialists in twelve offices across three continents offer unparalleled international reach and depth of experience to the company’s artists, clients and partners.  With the launch of the SAGE joint venture with China Arts and Entertainment group and new venue management and technology initiatives designed to support and enhance the core business, IMGA remains the vanguard of the industry.Artist Management. www.imgartists.com @TwitterNY @TwitterUK @TwitterDE

About CAEG

China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) was founded in 2004 based on the merger of the China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) and the China International Exhibition Agency (CIEA). CAEG is China’s largest arts exhibition and entertainment company, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Xiamen, Jinan and Xining. CAEG owns 25 wholly owned and holding subsidiaries and a number of shareholding enterprises. With a history of more than 50 years, both CPAA and CIEA are China’s largest suppliers and operators of Chinese performing arts and art exhibitions globally. www.caeg.cn

中美环球演艺股份有限公司 (S.A.G.E.) 是行业内首家跨文化表演艺术经纪公司。作为一家由行业领导者 IMG Artists 与中国对外文化集团公司 (CAEG) 联合经营的合资企业,S.A.G.E. 堪称革命性的创举,致力于在中国艺人和文化团体与西方同行之间开创新的渠道并建立卓有成效的关系。

S.A.G.E. 客户能够受益于

  • 无与伦比的国际经验和全球性覆盖
  •  多位专业人士,在国际艺人经纪、巡回演出、节日与活动制作以及营销方面有着数十年的成功经验
  • 遍及三大洲的 12 家办事处
  • 亚洲:北京,新加坡
  • 北美洲:纽约,洛杉矶
  • 欧洲:伦敦,巴黎,汉诺威,柏林,罗马,卢卡,马德里,瑞典
  • SAGE 团队成员对于开发和管理亚洲艺人在全球的职业生涯和巡回演出机会方面成绩斐然。
  • 通过辛勤耕耘搭建的相关文化、政府和团体网络遍及成熟及新兴市场。