PrintS.A.G.E. artists and clients will work with a dedicated general management and marketing team who will provide the full-spectrum of artist management and promotional services including:

  • Expert repertoire and artistic planning advice, designed to improve the artist’s position in the international market
  • Artist/Brand identity and strategy to enhance opportunities via new and proven channels
  • Targeted local and regional marketing tools and materials to enrich booking, promotion and awareness opportunities in key locations
  • Networking introductions and showcases at major performing arts management conferences, such as APAP, IAMA, APAM, ASOL, ISPA and WOMAX
  • Association with IMG Artists’ roster of some of the world’s most successful and respected musicians, dance companies and attractions via its digital, social and printed materials
  • Access to IMGA and CAEG’s network of cultural organisation, corporate, government and philanthropic partners and contacts
  • Logistics services including scheduling, travel booking and visa support

S.A.G.E. is passionate about creating new pathways of cultural cooperation and understanding.   Our colleagues look forward to speaking with you about how becoming a S.A.G.E. artist or partner may enhance your international career.

S.A.G.E. 艺人和客户将与专门的综合经纪和营销团队合作,由他们负责提供全方位的艺人经纪和推广服务,包括:

•通过重大的表演艺术经纪会议进行网络推广和展示,例如 APAP、IAMA、APAM、ASOL、ISPA 和 WOMAX
•与 IMG Artists 众多的全球最成功和备受尊崇的音乐家、舞蹈公司合作,通过数字、社交和印刷材料发挥吸引力
•接触到 IMGA 和 CAEG 的文化团体、企业、政府和慈善合作伙伴及联络人

SAGE 热衷于创造文化合作和文化理解的一种新途径。有关更多信息,或者想了解成为 SAGE 艺人或合作伙伴会如何提升您的国际事业,请访问